12 Step Eucharist at Saint Mark’s

The first Wednesday of each month is a 12 Step Eucharist at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Held at 5:30 p.m. in the chapel, it incorporates the 12 Steps of Recovery and a healing service into the liturgy.

The liturgy has been prepared by the Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church. It is a teaching liturgy showing us how the spirituality of the 12 Steps is an integral part of the liturgy of the Eucharist. For people in recovery, this service may be important to see how each of the 12 Steps is present in the liturgy of the word and the table. For those not involved in 12 step recovery, the service will be an introduction to the spirituality of the 12 Step programs.

Our experience is that all would benefit from the principles of the 12 Step programs as a spiritual tool. We invite those who are involved in 12 step recovery, as well as those who are not members of a 12 step program, to attend.

We have prepared two flyers suitable for posting in 12 Step meeting rooms. Click the flyers below to download.